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About Us

Our Commitment to You

At Quick Publishing we are committed to providing quality educational, inspirational, and entertaining materials that will help the reader to achieve educational or personal goals.

Our History

Quick Publishing was started in 2003 when Angie & Fred Quick acquired Cache River Press and Studio 4 Productions, both of which had been established more than 20 years ago.

The Studio 4 Productions line has been divided into two imprints: Senior Sense and Quick Prints. These books have achieved international recognition in the fields of Family/Senior/Aging issues, Parenting, Character Education, Travel, and Disaster Preparedness. Quick Publishing will continue to focus on the production of high quality non-fiction books for the mass market.

The Cache River Press line has been divided into two imprints as well: Cache River Press, which carries local interest/travel books for the Midwest, and Cache River Science, which contains award-winning and well respected books in microbiology, pathology, reproduction and more.

Many books, from across the different imprints, have received critical acclaim and garnered national awards. With the successful execution of multiple foreign rights agreements, several titles have been translated and sold in various countries around the world.

Quick Publishing prides itself on the timeliness and usefulness of its publications, the expertise of its authors, and its commitment to delivering prompt and reliable customer service.