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Rafting on the Mississippi A Journey of Discovery

by William R. Chapman
Rafting on the Mississippi CoverThe Mississippi River holds great significance in the cultural and natural history of our country. Explorers, authors, musicians, artists and individuals from all walks of life have been inspired by this body of water. Photographer William Chapman was inspired by a boyhood dream to explore this natural wonder by raft. His trek became a journey of adventure and discovery.
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Encyclopedia of State Capitols/Capitals: A detailed look at the 50 capitol buildings and the capital cities

by Don Severin
State Capitols Cover
In addition to interesting facts and figures about each building and city, this book contains over 300 beautiful photographs of our country's historical governmental buildings. A great reference book or coffee-table book for those who appreciate travel, architecture or history.
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Before He Was Fab - George Harrison's First American Visit
  by Jim Kirkpatrick
  Before He Was Fab cover
Just as the Beatles were gaining popularity in England, George Harrison visited his sister Louise in the US. While visiting Southern Illinois, George found out that the Beatles had achieved record sales of their new hit, "She Loves You," in England.
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Southern Illinois … a photographer's love for the countryside and its beauty

  by Ned Trovillion
  Southern Illinois Pictoral cover
This is the first color picture book featuring Southern Illinois! Ned Trovillion,Southern Illinois' foremost outdoor photographer, shows us over 100 of his best color images. For years, Ned's photographs have been featured in tourist brochures and have adorned the walls of banks and colleges.
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  Medicinal Plants of the Heartland
  by Connie Kaye and Neil Billington
  Medicinal Plants cover
A new age is at hand. People are returning to the herbal remedies that were used by their mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and physicians until the early years of the last century. Many plants that provide the raw material for pharmaceuticals can be found in our own backyards.
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  Bird Watching with Ben
  by Ben Gelman
  Bird Watching cover
Southern Illinois' favorite bird watcher and journalist, Ben Gelman, relates his bird watching experiences. Anyone interested in the birds of Southern Illinois will enjoy this classic.
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Enjoy Southern Illinois A Complete Recreational Guide

  by Lonnie Russell, Richard Goldstein & Les Winkele
  Enjoy Southern Illinois cover
This is the only comprehensive guide to this 35-county region: the recreation mecca of Illinois. Millions tour Southern Illinois each year, whether out-of-staters or area residents. Here are over 600 pages of ideas for you, your friends and family.This book makes a perfect gift for anyone who lives in or visits this land between the rivers.
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  Fifty Nature Walks in Southern Illinois 2nd Edition
  by Alan McPherson
  50 Nature Walks Cover sm
Between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers at the southern tip of Illinois is a "hidden"region that contradicts the state's flatland image. With scenic hills, natural rock formations, bluffs, ravines, streams, lakes, swamps and sloughs, Southern Illinois has much to offer nature enthusiasts. Hiker and naturalist Alan McPherson describes trails at 50 locations with public access in Southern Illinois.
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  One Hundred Nature Walks in the Missouri Ozarks
  by Alan McPherson
The Missouri Ozarks is an area that cannot be appreciated at highway speeds. With 33,000 square miles of incredible scenery mountains, caves, rivers, waterfalls, sinkholes, lakes, bluffs the Missouri Ozarks offer some of the best hiking in the United States.
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Illinois A - Z A Coloring Book

  story by Alan McPherson artwork by Steve Hudson
  sm IL color book
The alphabet is keyed to people, places and events of Illinois. The accompanying text helps children appreciate the colorful history and notable personalities of Illinois.
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Illinois Indians A Coloring Book

  story by Alan McPherson artwork by Angie Neidlinger
Learn with your children about the Indian heritage of Illinois tribes as they color this fascinating book. The illustrations depict realistic scenes of Indian life. The text is designed to encourage discussion between parents or teachers and children.
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